The Zing story



In 2013 we decided that we were going to renew street food in Hungary, but we never ever thought of getting this far. Back then, our goal was to make quality, delicious and premium hamburgers for the people in the city and in the main festivals. We studied our predecessors in the world and we were amazed how well it works. We decided that we were going to do we already had seen in movies, and we aimed to be the leaders of the Hungarian Food truck venue. We looked for special concepts, ingredients, the squishiest bun, and the real beef flavor all through Europe. The delicious Zing hamburgers came alive from these discoveries and experiences.

In addition to summer festivals, and late night parties, our main goal is to serve quality street food to the starving crowds of major office buildings and private events. The menu is adjusted for their taste and we serve special drinks and snacks as well.

In 2014 we hit the next milestone by opening the gates of the first Zing Burger eatery, Budapest’s best fast food restaurant in the heart of the renowned jewish district of Budapest. You can enjoy our well-known premium hamburgers in a cozy atmosphere with comfortable seatings and free WiFi.

And we went further.

In 2015 January, we moved into Karaván in Kazinczy street on our food truck; and 2016 was definitely our best year ever: in May we opened our first and constant eatery at Széll Kálmán tér, at Buda. In October we dared a little and opened Zing Kitchen&Co in the heart of Budapest, at Nádor street, where we’re serving not only burgers but delicious food and from week to week varied dinner menus as well. Tamas Kenderesi, who won a bronze medal in swimming in the Rio Olympics, was our guest at the opening ceremony and made our first premium Wagyu hamburger.

But the year goes on! We parked a food truck at Buda, at the side of Allee shopping center in 2016 September. Furthermore we “connected” the 4-6 tramway and Deák Ferenc tér: beside Király60 we moved into Király street 20 also!

We are constantly expanding and cruising the country, sometimes even go through the border, because we would like if everybody could taste our delicious hamburgers! Have you tried them? It’s time you did!