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We at Zing Burger strongly believe it’s the premium quality of the ingredients that bring you here again and again. That’s why we took a different route from the very beginning: we make our very own sauces; bake our rolls and mince our meat for the patties. We knew it’s the only way to provide fresh products to you day after day. That’s how we can guarantee the best burgers made of those quality ingredients that you can find in your own kitchen too. We don’t use artificial preservatives and additives. It makes you feel much better, if you know what you’re eating, doesn’t it? We agree. So how about giving you a deeper insight into our philosophy?


“A hamburger is nothing more, than a good bun and a good patty. How to spoil it? It’s up to you.”

We at Zing Burger believe that good buns begins with good flour. And we are lucky to have found it in the famous Szabo Mill based in Szigetszentmiklos.

The history of Szabo Mill originates back to the grandfather of Laszlo Harmati, who played an important role in developing the factory to be one of the most prominent mills in the turn of the century in Hungary. Unfortunately the socialization took the business out of their hands. But two generations later Laszlo’s parents had a brave move: they bought back the factory from the state to continue the family tradition. To their greatest luck the grandfather of Laszló was still alive when the mill became family-owned again; thus the accumulated knowledge and experience of the forefathers remained within the family.

The Szabo Mill has nurtured a good relationship with farmers. The grain comes from the neighbouring fields, especially from County Békés; the normally use those types of cereals that have been grown in the country for hundreds of years. These types might not be offering the highest yields; but what matters is that they should be resistant enough to grow without using chemicals.

And what makes the flour of Szabo Mill so good?

They use refiners built in the 19th century, that grind the grains more carefully compared to the modern mills, where the grinding process is optimized by computers for greater efficacy – thus crashing the grains too intensively.

After being milled the flour is sifted and categorized; then it has to go through the grinding process five more times, to get the best possible result.

So we can proudly say: our buns are made of one of the best flours in Hungary – and these buns are baked in our bakery every day, so you can have them with the Zing Burger patty you prefer most!


We at Zing Burger are keen to provide you the best possible ingredients, in their most natural form. That’s why we don’t use preservatives and chemicals in our food; and that’s why we purchase everything from the farmers directly – so the products could be completely trackable.

That’s the philosophy behind our private label soft drink called ZING LIMO. No artificila colouring or aroma, no preservatives were added to it. Only fresh ingredients matter.

And what do we put into those drinks? Here they are, there’s no secret: our Grapefruit LIMO is made of freshly squeezed grapefruit, lemon, sugar and filtered water. As simple as that.

Our Mint LIMO is made exactly the same way we learned from our grandmas. Only fresh mint, lemon and sugar needed.

Our favourite one is the Ginger-Hibiscus LIMO, which is made from fruit tea extracts, home-made ginger syrup and lemon. And the real surprize: you can enjoy it in sugar-free version too!

ZING LIMO – Take it easy! #takeiteasy #zinglimo


When we started Zing Burger with only one food-truck in 2013, we started preparing the ingredients of our hamburgers early morning to serve our customers later on that day on a given festival or event. Since then a lot has changed around us – but we remained faithful to our basic principles: we love our ingredients and respect the food. Because we want to serve you only with the best burgers, that we’d love to eat as well.

We are determined to use only those ingredients for our burgers, rolls, meat and sauces that you can find in your own kitchen too. We can proudly say: we are going to make the sauces in our kitchen again from September. And we’re pretty confident that our home-made BBQ-sauce, peppered mayo and apple ketchup – just to name a few – are more delicious than any other sauces that can be bought in a supermarket. Not to mention the most important ingredient: our heart and soul we’re putting into them:)

ZING Chili-Mayo
1 egg
200 ml olive oil
1 tablespoon Colemans mustard (powder)
1 tablespoon white wine vinegar
2 tablespoon siracha chili-sauce
1 teaspoon salt

In a medium-sized bowl, whisk egg, vinegar, salt, mustard powder and chili sauce. Gradually whisk in the oil. It makes a perfect home-made mayo in about 2 minutes.

ZING Home-Made Mustard
100 gr mustard powder (Colemans or some other quality mustard)
80 gr apple vinegar
120 gr sugar syrup
10 gr salt
10 gr freshly squeezed lemon

Mix the 1:1 ratio sugar syrup with the apple vinegar, salt and squeezed lemon. Don’t let its temperature go above 40-50 Celsius. Blend in the mustard powder, and let it simmer on low temperature for 10-15 minutes (and it will lose its bite).

Leave alone in the air for a day, so mustard gas could go away; then store it in the fridge for 2-3 weeks.


We at Zing Burger focus on getting the best possible ingredients for our hamburgers – and we want to prepare them with the best vegetables whenever possible.

We strongly believe that our country has a unique climate and geographic facilities. You might have experienced this as well, if you tasted the onions, cucumbers, paprikas, tomatoes and other vegetables from your granny’s market garden. They have such different tastes than the vegetables imported form other countries, don’t they?

So that’s why we selected a Hungarian Product Grand Prix winner: the Tomatoe of Szentes. This outstanding vegetable is being grown in the glasshouses near Szentes in ideal conditions to provide ripe, delicious, premium quality tomatoes for us steadily.

The quality of tomato – just like in case of other ingredients of a Zing burger – is crucial for us; and we believe that the road the product takes from the field to the table should be trackable in a trasparent way. To achieve this, we picked a farmer who ensures using quality checked fertilizers, and is working with GM-free products only. After being picked the tomatoes are left to ripen on stems for a more succulent and juicy taste. Finally they arrive at our busy kitchens, where we slice and put them into the burgers for your maximum enjoyment.

And just to share you a secret: our favourite one is the Full Extra Burger this summer. Do you want to know why? Because it has the most vegetables – fresh, delicious and crunchy – that could be enjoyed to the most in a decent hamburger only…

Traditional patties

We at Zing Burger process the beef by ourselves – and we’re one of the few burger-makers in the Hungarian market who follow that procedure. It’s a tough job, definitely tougher, than ordering the mince meat from a butcher. But do you remember what our parents had taught us? “Seeing is believing; never let the beef be minced behind your back, my son!”

Yes, there’s a long and winding road leading up to our traditional juicy patties. The first stop is crucial: you have to find a slaughter-house (since we’re not buying the beef from the supermarket at the corner), that sells you premium quality meat that is guaranteed to be healthy and from beef cattle raised especially for beef production – and not from e.g., milking-cows.

Quality is a must in case of our traditional patties; but with our Angus beef patties we’re raising the bar even higher. Angus cattle are being farmed in a natural environment, spending their lives open air all year long. They’re not fed with nutrition formulas, as a matter of fact, they don’t even need any: they’re grazing grass in the summer or eating straw during winter seasons. What’s more, Angus cattle have been bred for centuries especially for beef production and consumption – no suprize that their meat is more tender, having softer fibers and outstanding marbling qualities. These fine fat layers account for the juiciness of the beef, while due to their mineral rich foods, their meat has a slightly salty, characteristic flavour.

The better the beef, the more suitable it is for roasting. That’s why it’s important for us to pick the right parts of meat for our patties. We use the neck and the brisket, because these two result in a tender and fatty combination of meat. Sometimes, when needed, we add some inner fat to the mixture to make it more juicy. 15–20% of fat will definitely do.

Then we add our very special ZING spice-mix to the meat before mincing; it will soak nicely into its texture, giving the perfect flavour to it.

When minced, precisely measured portions of paddies are weighed out of the meat (our traditional paddy weighs 140 grams and our Angus steak weighs 130 grams), and they are laid flat in a plastic wrap.

If you make paddies for home grilling, we advise you preparing the portions the day before; it helps the ingredients sticking together, creating a better consistency of the meat, while giving a tender-juicy characteristic to it.

Here’s an essential tip:
It’s strictly forbidden to put any of the following ingredients into the paddies in any circumstances: egg, onion, mustard, ketchup. They have nothing to do in a real hamburger. These ingredients belong to the traditional “Hungarian” Tartar, and they’re just representing a bad, but popular habit in the old-school Hungarian cuisine.
So let’s go, up for mincing!

Be brave and prepare your very own burger paddies, but don’t forget the ancient adage: “Seeing is believing…”

Okay, we’ve already mentioned that.